Selling Your Textbooks

The Butler Community College Bookstore provides, as a service to our students, a buyback during finals week of each semester.  If the Bookstore purchases your book for college use for the upcoming semester, you will be paid up to 50% of the sticker price, except for books containing "one-user" software.  Condition-- We can only buy back books that are in good condition. "Good condition" means that all pages, bindings, and covers are intact and complete. Pages should not be torn, missing, marked up or highlighted excessively so that the print is obscured. Textbooks with water damage, stains, and/or pages sticking together are not considered in "good condition."  THE BOOKSTORE REGISTER RECEIPT IS REQUIRED

Buyback is NOT guaranteed on every book purchased from the Bookstore.  Buyback quotas are based on expected enrollment of the upcoming semester and current inventory in the Bookstore.

The Bookstore does not buy back:

  • Sprial Bound books
  • Lab books/workbooks/textbooks formatted as a workbook (fill in the blank/perforated pages)
  • Textbooks formatted in 3-hole punch format

For more information, please contact the El Dorado Bookstore at (316) 322-3197 or the Andover Bookstore at (316) 218-6232.