Cables - Startech USB 2.0 USB C to USB A

Cables - Startech USB 2.0 USB C to USB A

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USB-C to USB-A Cable - M/M - 1m (3ft) - USB 2.0

·         Simple connections through a reversible USB Type-C connector, which plugs into your device with either side facing up

·         Guaranteed reliability with our lifetime warranty

·         Thunderbolt 3 port compatible

Connect your newer mobile devices that feature a USB-C connector, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Nexus™ 6P, and 5X phones to your computer, with data transfer speeds of 480 Mbps.


The USB Type-C connector is smaller and easier to use than previous USB connectors. With a reversible design, you can plug it into your devices with either side facing up. Insert the cable the right way every time - no more frustration or port damage.